neon abyss revealed

Roguelike Neon Abyss Places You on a Hades-Founded Task Force This Year

Publisher Team17 (Overcooked) and developer Veewo Games will bring Neon Abyss to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One sometime this year. While a specific release date remains under wraps, a Q3 launch window suggests a summer release.

Described as a “frantic roguelike,” Neon Abyss is quite the colorful little adventure. Check out the title’s announcement trailer in the following video:

Steam users presently have access to a free demo for Neon Abyss. As of writing, Team17 has yet to announce whether a similar trial will make its way to consoles.

With Neon Abyss, Veewo Games combined run ‘n’ gun action with roguelike mechanics. Players will assume the role of a Grim Squad task force member. Hades is behind the task force’s establishment, designed to have members “infiltrate the Abyss and defeat the New Gods.” Obviously, this will prove quite challenging, but death shouldn’t be too much of a concern. After dying, the player character will return stronger than before. Additionally, each incarnation should last longer than the last, given the player’s newfound power, knowledge, and skill.

To become even more empowered, players will stumble across random item drops in each level. These items have the potential to stack “passive effects,” which allow for a limitless number of devastating combinations. As a result, no two runs in Neon Abyss will feel the same. Additional perks will also come courtesy of pets, which players hatch and evolve along the way.

Neon Abyss won’t solely focus on the slaying of godly figures. Mini-games are to offer breaks from the chaos in the form of dance competitions, mediation challenges, and piano performances.

[Source: Team17 via Gematsu]