Rogue Legacy 2 sequel april fools

Is a Rogue Legacy Sequel Coming? Maybe? Perhaps Not? Blame April Fool’s

See, this is the problem with April Fool’s Day gags in the games industry. Even in a year where the world isn’t on fire and everyone is afraid to go outside lest your mailman gives you COVID-19, it’s simply a chore to deal with poorly timed April Fool’s jokes from publishers. Enter Cellar Door Games, makers of the wonderful and prolific roguelike Castlevania-alike Rogue Legacy. The indie studio made a vague announcement via Tweet with a not-so-mysterious image that alludes to a Rogue Legacy sequel. But then again, yesterday was also April 1, a day that many in the games industry choose to usually ignore thanks to a flood of lame attempts at April foolery.

Rogue Legacy was a 2013 indie release that slowly took gaming by storm, eventually seeing release on just about every current console in existence. Borrowing elements from Castlevania and blending with the random and replayable nature of roguelikes such as The Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy is both a joy and huge time-sink. Each time your character dies the next is chosen by picking an heir to that hero’s legacy, all with different traits, abilities, and incontinence issues. If that last one is confusing then it should come as no surprise that Cellar Door once made a game titled Don’t Shit Your Pants: A Survival Horror Game. (We talked to Cellar Door Games about this in our indie dev spotlight a few years ago.)

So, is there a Rogue Legacy sequel coming? Maybe. Maybe not. the tweet in question gives a date of April 2 above the mysterious possibly-logo that the company put up yesterday. We’ll keep an eye on things from here. In the meantime, a personal note from PSLS to all game developers: Stop announcing things on April 1. Real announcements, fake announcements, all of it. Just stop. Allow us some peace and maybe consider Arbor Day as your new hot announcement holiday.