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MicroMan is an Unusual Action Game Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Polish developer Glob Games Studio describes its new project, MicroMan, as a rather unusual action game. The title will see players adopt the role of the world’s smallest man, who works tirelessly to return to his normal size. PC (Steam) players can take the adventure for themselves in the second half of 2021. PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X players will have their turn some time thereafter.

Glob Games Studio announced the title alongside a first look trailer, which runs just under a minute in length. Check it out in the video below:

MicroMan takes inspiration from other tales wherein a protagonist finds themselves among much larger beings. Jonathan Swift’s classic Gulliver’s Travels counts as one early example. Meanwhile, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Ant-Man’s adventures serve as more modern takes on the concept. According to Game Glob’s Vice President, Karol Marcinkowski, “MicroMan is obviously inspired by these works, among others, but at the same time it will be something quite new and unique in the gaming industry.”

MicroMan stars a laboratory worker, who becomes victim to an unfortunate accident. The result is his falling into an “experimental reduction capsule,” which ultimately leads to his shrinking to the size of an insect. Now he must do everything he can to embiggen, as DC’s the Atom would say. 

Of course, such a goal won’t be without its fair share of challenges. To help the tiny protagonist, players will face-off against large foes such as ants and rats. Players should also expect to embark on unusual traversal escapades, like taking flight on a butterfly. And with a new perspective on the urban jungle, Glob Games aims to invest players in quite the dynamic adventure.

[Source: Glob Games Studio via Gamasutra]