Microsoft Executive Thinks PS5 Has ‘Cool’ Tech But Xbox Series X Is a ‘Better’ Console

Microsoft Cognition’s Principal Program Manager, William Stillwell, has said that Sony’s PlayStation 5 has “cool” tech but he thinks the Xbox Series X will be a “better” console overall.

Stillwell appeared on a recent Dealer – Gaming podcast, during which he was asked what he thought about Mark Cerny’s PS5 presentation. With reference to the negative reactions to Cerny’s talk, Stillwell said that it was an “unfortunate byproduct” of a GDC presentation being turned into a “marketing event.”

Stillwell’s remarks can be heard around the 1:30:00 mark in the video below (thanks, This Gen Gaming). A transcription is as follows (verbatim):

So just like Inside Xbox I think sometimes has the problem of the audience expectations don’t match what the content plans are, I think what you saw was the unfortunate byproduct of a GDC talk being turned into a marketing event.

I love Cerny’s talk. I think they’ve got some cool tech. I personally think we’re gonna have a better console. I’m not worried about the power narrative.

Stillwell added that he’s enjoying some of the discourse about the rival consoles and hinted that he finds some of the misguided comments about next-gen tech specs amusing.

“I will also say this, and I’ve said it before: Mark Cerny is a brilliant guy, smart guy,” Stillwell continued. “I think he was put in a bad spot but I do think the content was actually pretty good if you were watching it with the right perspective. The other side of it is that they have great IP.”

Stillwell concluded by saying that he doesn’t think the DualSense looks like the Xbox controller, like some have suggested. He’s of the view that it resembles the Google Stadia controller.