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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Sequel ‘Done’ on Paper, Only a Matter of ‘When’

Former Assassin’s Creed developer’s Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey received mixed reviews from critics and users alike but it has sold enough for Panache Digital to consider a sequel, or sequels.

Speaking to the Official Xbox Magazine (May 2020 issue), creator Patrice Desilets said that there is enough material for the studio to work on sequels in the future, and it has at least one sequel “done” on paper and the design board. It’s only a matter of “when.”

We didn’t go through all of human evolution, so there are some years left for us to tackle in sequels down the road, because the game finishes around two million years ago, so we’ve still got two million years to cover eventually… so we’ll see. We’ll see if we do [a sequel] in the future. On paper, on the design board, it’s done. Now it’s just a matter of seeing when we’re gonna do it.

Desilets also talked about the challenges involved in tackling an ancient world in a video game.

The difficulty of recreating Africa ten million years ago is the fact that it’s organic, there’s no architecture. A computer prefers 90-degree angles, and as a player, it’s also tougher to read a really organic space. That was the main challenge: how do we make the game space readable for players so that they can eventually go and make choices. As for the animals, because I don’t have a team of 800 people, we had to come up with clever situations and solutions to give the impression of complex animal behaviours.

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[Source: Official Xbox Magazine via Respawn First]