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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Gave Phone Number to All 10,000 Employees in Case of Healthcare Concerns

Coronavirus has proven quite the world-shaking experience. People are sick, out of work, stressed about the future, and some are suffering through all of the above. There’s no way to truly alleviate such distress at present. However, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick aims to at least mitigate these issues for his employees. One key effort includes giving all 10,000 Activision employees access to his personal cell phone number. If anyone has a healthcare concern, they can reach the CEO directly.

Kotick addressed this in an interview with CNBC, explaining how he and his team sent an email to employees one month ago with his number attached. “We encouraged every single employee that has a concerns that relates to their healthcare to just contact me directly.” He added,

They’ve gotten a lot of attention, a lot of good care from all of our providers. Our HR organization is extraordinary. And the team has been working 24/7, since we started work from home in our offices in China and our offices in Europe to really make sure that they were available for the benefit of the employees and their families.

According to Kotick, “a few hundred” employees have reached out to him, thus far. While very few have tested positive for Covid-19, Activision is trying to implement initiatives that will safely ease employees back into the workplace when the time is right.

This particular initiative involves a trial for a blood serum test, a low-cost, accessible test that needs 15 minutes for results to come in. The FDA-approved method still requires administration by a healthcare professional, but Kotick sees it as an integral step in making workers feel safe when they are able to return to work in the next few months or so.

Kotick shared other ways Activision services workers in need. One example involves the use of telemedicine providers, in addition to helping waive 30-day prescription refills. Employees in countries with national healthcare programs are also able to see private doctor. Likewise, Activision allies with mental healthcare programs and licensed childcare services to further assist any and all workers in need of extra support.

See Kotick’s interview below:

[Source: CNBC]

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