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Former Naughty Dog Dev Says Crysis Influenced Uncharted 4’s ‘Wide-Linear’ Level Design

The recent news of Crysis being remastered late in the current-gen console cycle took many by surprise. There is some speculation about the announcement coming this close to next gen, but nevertheless, it has generated some excitement for a franchise that has been dormant since 2013.

Veteran game designer James Cooper, who worked on Crysis and later on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, has revealed that Crysis‘ approach to sandbox influenced his “wide-linear” level design in Uncharted.

Expressing his excitement about the remaster, Cooper wrote (thanks, The Game Post):

In a subsequent tweet, Cooper said Crysis‘ core gameplay is “really strong” and that he’s surprised more shooters haven’t borrowed its formula.

“It’s actually a really underrated shooter,” he told a Twitter follower. “It’s remembered for its visuals but the core gameplay experience is really strong. I’m surprised that in over ten years there haven’t been more shooters that followed its formula, not even the sequels.”

The last installment of Crysis released in 2013 to a mixed reception (Cooper did not work on the title as he had moved on to Naughty Dog). While reviewers praised the game for its visuals, it was criticized for its lackluster campaign. Crysis 3 failed to meet Electronic Arts’ sales expectations and Crytek was “disappointed” by the game’s commercial performance.

Crysis Remastered doesn’t have a release date yet.