Report: Some Originally Planned E3 2020 Reveals Will Be Rolled Out Sooner

Reportedly, some of the news that was initially meant to come out of E3 2020 will go live a bit earlier than planned. Of course, there are reveals that publishers and developers aim to keep under wraps until what would’ve been the week of E3 arrives. And some bits of information are likely to surface later than originally planned. Interestingly, PlayStation and Xbox fans can supposedly expect the “first proper next-gen console/games showcase” to happen sooner, as well.

All of this is according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, who further notes that even reveals and such that were altered due to E3’s cancellation are still subject to change. After all, we are currently living through an unprecedented health crisis.

Ahmad shared these details in a recent Twitter post. See it linked below:

In a subsequent tweet, Ahmad added a caveat, explaining that the next-gen showcase, whatever it may entail, could very well face unsuspected changes due to coronavirus.

We know from a previous report that Sony’s marketing plans for PS5 have already been disturbed by covid-19. Still, the company seems set on releasing the console by this year’s end. If it does hit stores this holiday season, Sony is likely to only manufacture a limited number of consoles. Reportedly, such a move may be inspired by Sony’s demand expectations, which depend upon the console’s potential price at launch.

[Source: Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]