COVID-19 Fortnite Charity Stream Brings Special Guests, Free Prizes

Now seems to be the time for charity streams attempting to provide relief in the face of a worldwide pandemic. Similar to how Corona Relief Done Quick raised money for the disaster fund Direct Relief, a Fortnite charity stream called #GamersVSCovid is looking to raise money while also providing fabulous giveaways to viewers. Taking place this Sunday, April 26, the charity streamathon will be host to multiple free-to-enter charity Fortnite tournaments hosted by Team SoloMid members ZexRow and Reverse2k. The special guests don’t stop there, as YouTube streamer Michelle Phan along with former NBA star and NBA Jam aficionado Nate Robinson will attend, among other streamers of note.

The stream is part of a collaboration among a host of gaming tech companies, including Razer, Streamlabs, Logitech, and more. The event kicks off at 8 am PST, and prize giveaways will occur every hour and include keyboards, gaming mice, gaming PCs, and more. Those looking for prizes should tune in on the event’s Twitch stream.

All proceeds from #GamersVSCovid will go to Direct Relief’s COVID-19 Fund for Community Health, which has received multimillion-dollar support from 3M and Sean “Diddy” Combs. “The work being done by Direct Relief and others in the fight against COVID-19 is nothing short of inspiring,” said Timothy Tello, co-founder of ScrimToWin. “#GamersVSCovid is an open call for all gamers to aid the cause. Please join us by pledging your support, making a donation, or playing in one of our tournaments!”

While Fortnite has mostly faltered as an esport–besides the ridiculous amount of prize money given away–it has found a more successful niche as the esports version of ProAm celebrity golf events, bringing streamers, esports pros, and celebrities together in order to do something a little less hardcore than the typical esports event. At the least, it’s for a good cause and you can potentially get some high-tier gear out of the deal for free so be sure to tune in and give generously.

Anyone looking to donate can do so now or in the future via the event’s Streamlabs page. For more information on the essential work being done by Direct Relief, visit their official websiteTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.