Beware of The Last of Us Part II’s Leaked Story Details Making the Rounds Online

Editor’s Note: Posting spoilers for The Last of Us Part II in our comments will be grounds for an immediate ban. Do not ruin it for other people.

Over the weekend, a wave of The Last of Us Part II details hit the web. Unfortunately, said details heavily venture into spoiler territory. (No need to worry, we will not discuss the details here on PSLS at all.) The information doesn’t involve the typical story leaks from shaky sources, though, with wordy posts on Reddit, 4chan, etc. Instead, actual gameplay footage has made the rounds; apparently, some of the footage features late-game narrative beats, even including the ending of the game itself.

The leaked details and footage have made the rounds on YouTube, Reddit, ResetEra, Twitter, and even Facebook. In short, nowhere on the internet is safe. Social media users would probably do best to mute or block every possible permutation of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II titles and the names of notable characters, including but not limited to Joel, Ellie, Dina, etc.

It’s not abundantly clear what set off such an incredibly massive leak. However, one popular rumor places blame on a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee. According to YouTuber SuperMetalDave64 (via VG247), the following post provides a basic outline of the angry employee rumor:

If true, it’s baffling why a developer would punish fans for the behavior of an employer. But, then again, trolls are literally everywhere. Sony has been fighting the trolls, working to rid the likes of YouTube of spoilers and other leaked content. However, as always, once something circulates on the worldwide web, it is never truly scrubbed away. As such, those looking forward to the sequel should take the necessary precautions. (Maybe avoid this post’s comments section, for instance.)

This spoiler leak may prove especially troublesome since The Last of Us Part II now lacks a release window, having been delayed “indefinitely” due to coronavirus. It’s unknown how long fans will have to dodge spoilers before the game actually releases.

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