Hitman Free Trial Sneaks its Way onto PSN Through May 3

Anyone in the need for a new gaming experience in this, our social distancing reality can now jump into the world of Hitman The Complete First Season as publisher IO Interactive is giving out a free trial on PSN of the whole game that lasts until May 3. The announcement came via Twitter along with a discounted sale price of 85 percent off on select Hitman titles.

There was confusion on the internet at first thanks to this free trial, as a Reddit thread made it appear as though the full game was just free and not simply a trial. A post on the aptly named forum GameDeals that saw over 200 comments gave the impression that the full game made its way to PSN. After much discussion and a moderator stepped in it was found that the nature of the PSN listing was that of a free trial and not a free game, thus seeing the thread in question locked.

However, even that matter getting cleared up has led to more confusion as Reddit users on another thread report issues when attempting a download. Some report an inability to download the free trial if they already possessed the previous Hitman: Paris download in their library. Others found that they are unable to import the Hitman Season One content into Hitman 2 via the legacy feature found in the sequel. This is all to say that your mileage may vary but, regardless, the free trial will run through Sunday. At which point one assumes that the license will simply be revoked, though other users said there was not an option to purchase the full game once the free trial is downloaded.

This is all a lot of work for a free game. So, spin the wheel and try your luck with the Hitman Season One free trial and let us know if you manage to figure it out.