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UPDATE: Media Molecule Unleashes Free Demo for Dreams on PlayStation Store

UPDATE: Dreams‘ free trial is now available on the US PlayStation Store. However, there is currently no sale on the full game similar to that of the European PS Store versions.

ORIGINAL STORY: In mid-March, Media Molecule shared a Dreams roadmap, a lengthy list of planned future content. One item on the list included plans for a potential demo. That bit of the roadmap is finally a reality, with the studio announcing that a free demo is now available via the PlayStation Store. As of writing, however, the demo only appears on the European versions of the PS Store (UK, Germany, France). There’s presently no word on when Dreams‘ free trial will roll out on PlayStation’s North American storefront.

Media Molecule announced the trial in the following tweet:

According to the free trial’s PS Store listing, the Dreams demo features the “opening chapters of Art’s Dream story campaign.” It also includes a rotating selection of some of the most creative Dreams content, all of which have been collated by Media Molecule developers. Trial players will additionally gain access to “tools and teachings” that allow them to make games, music, memes, and art.

Those who decide to upgrade to the full game after playing the trial are in luck. A sale is currently running that knocks the price of Dreams down by 28 percent to £24.99. This special offer comes to an end next week on May 5th. Similar to the free trial, this sale price is not accessible on the North American PS Store at the time of writing.

Media Molecule’s Dreams is available now on the PlayStation 4.

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