Bethesda’s Pete Hines Reiterates That Elder Scrolls VI News is Still Years Away

In the days following Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI‘s E3 2018 reveal, Bethesda made it clear that fans will need to be patient. Starfield is on schedule to arrive before The Elder Scrolls VI; neither will be seen anytime soon. None of this has changed. In fact, news on the latter is still years away.

Bethesda’s SVP of Global Marketing and Communications, Pete Hines, admitted as much in a recent Twitter exchange with a fan. According to Hines, fans should not expect to hear anything about The Elder Scrolls VI until “years from now.” The Twitter exchange occurred as follows,

Hines is right, of course. As of now, next to nothing is known about the sci-fi title Starfield. Thus far, we have only gotten a look at an incredibly brief teaser trailer and a logo design. The same also holds true for what’s been shown of The Elder Scrolls VI. As such, fans would do best to better manage their expectations.

Late in 2018, Hines was asked why Bethesda chose to unveil the two titles so early in development. In response, the marketing lead cited Bethesda’s desire to lay out a roadmap of sorts with regards to future projects. Furthermore, due to the then newly announced Fallout 76, no one wanted fans to think that Bethesda Game Studios had abandoned its single-player roots.

[Source: Pete Hines on Twitter]