Nioh 2 Exceeds 1 Million in Sales, Photo Mode Available in New Update

Nioh 2 came to the PlayStation 4 early this past March, and has achieved quite the sales milestone already. As of now, the sequel’s sales figures have surpassed an impressive one million copies. That’s not all the exciting news Team Ninja wanted to share with fans, though. In today’s major update, Version 1.09, players will gain access to a few goodies. Most notably, players should be on the look out for Photo Mode’s addition.

Team Ninja announced the news of Nioh 2’s sales milestone in a Twitter post earlier today. The post thanks fans for playing the title, then goes on to tease what’s in store for the new update. Thankfully, the PlayStation Blog offers further details on the matter, too. With the Version 1.09 update live today, players will unlock Photo Mode, the Maniki Armor, nine new Sub-missions, and a new Guardian Spirit–Kamo.

Photo Mode features a host of special filters, frames, lighting and tint adjustments, and other camera settings. It’s even accessible during multiplayer, according to Version 1.09’s patch notes. In terms of the other new additions, players can obtain the Kamo Guardian Spirit by clearing out certain delivery missions. Finally, the way to unlock the update’s free missions is in completing specific main missions.

Of course, the patch also introduces myriad changes and improvements to the core experience. These include a wide array of bug fixes, new items in Game Settings, and adjustments for certain bosses, difficulties, and weapons.

Nioh 2 is out now on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Nioh 2 on Twitter, PlayStation Blog]