Take-Two Has 93 Titles Planned for Release by Fiscal 2025, 63 of Which Are ‘Core Gaming Experiences’

Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has revealed that it plans to release 93 titles over the next five years.

In an earnings call with investors this week, President Karl Slatoff said that 63 of the 93 titles will be “core gaming experiences.” Of these 63, 15 titles will be “platform extensions” of existing titles, 17 will be “mid-core or arcade style” games, and 13 will be casual games. Overall, 47 of the 93 titles are from existing franchises and 46 are new IP.

When an investor asked if Grand Theft Auto is included in the aforementioned breakdown, CEO Strauss Zelnick said that Take-Two doesn’t make such announcements during earnings calls and will leave that part up to Rockstar.

Take-Two experienced a 49 percent increase in digital spend year-over-year during the COVID-19 lockdowns, amounting to a record $729 million. However, the company isn’t celebrating the milestone.

“It’s a terrible thing to pat yourself on the back in the face of tragedy,” Zelnick told Games Industry. “That’s not how we feel. We do think that providing great, at-home entertainment is a service in times like this.”

Zelnick believes that the shift to digital will be accelerated by the pandemic but he neither expects nor wants physical products to go away.

“I do think, though, you’re going to see that this represents a bit of a sea change, and you’re going to see more of an interest on an ongoing basis in interactive entertainment even as this ends,” he continued.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about Take-Two’s upcoming titles. Rest assured, a new GTA is coming; it’s only a question of when.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]