Jin Will Be Ghost of Tsushima’s Only Playable Character

Sucker Punch Productions has confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima‘s protagonist, Jin, will be the game’s only playable character.

“Jin is the hero of this story,” creative director Nate Fox told the PlayStation Blog. “Players are there, each step of the way, guiding Jin as he transforms from the honorable Samurai he was brought up to be, into the Ghost that Tsushima needs him to become.”

As previously stated, Ghost of Tsushima won’t have multiple endings either. The inFamous-like karma system was ditched in favor of telling one, coherent story. How players approach the story is up to them. However, their choices won’t impact the outcome.

“We want to be clear that there isn’t a binary choice for the player, it’s more about the player having freedom to play through any encounter in the style they prefer and wearing whichever armor they prefer, mixing and matching pieces of different armor sets,” Fox reiterated. “Your actions also aren’t limited by your armor – for example, you may have seen that the ‘Standoff’ prompt appeared even in the Ghost section. You can still use tools like Smoke Bombs even if you’re wearing samurai armor.”

Elsewhere, Fox said that while it’s hard to quantify Ghost of Tsushima‘s length, most play testers spent a full week playing the game and didn’t finish the story.

Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. For more on the game, check out our  previous coverage and stay tuned for more.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]