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PS5 Reveal: Sony Shows Off the PS5 Console Design, All-Digital Edition, and Accessories

So I have to eat my words. I was convinced that we wouldn’t get a full PS5 console design unveiling at today’s PS5 reveal showcase, but Sony ended the broadcast by showing off the console in full, including an all-digital disc-less edition of the console and a bunch of accessories like a remote, DualSense charging stand, and camera. As many speculated after the DualSense was revealed, the console design follows the same aesthetic choices as the controller, a black and white curvy look that’s rather unique for a gaming console.

Take a look at the video showing off the sleek curves of the PS5 console design:

The number one question on everyone’s mind—besides price—was immediately, “can you lay it horizontal?” and the good news is yes, you can lay the console horizontal if that fits within your gaming space better, though it does seem it’s being marketed as an upright console. This may be because cooling works better in the upright orientation. Even on the PS4, having it vertical helps with cooling and airflow.

ps5 console design ps5 reveal horizontal

The reveal was also home to a headset, remote, DualSense charging stand, and camera, all of which follow the same aesthetic design choices as the console and controller.

Sony stopped short of revealing the price or release date, which means preorders still aren’t live and we don’t know how much it’s going to hurt our bank accounts (or when). The addition of the PS5 All-Digital Edition makes the price conversation much more interesting because that allows them to potentially take losses on that console while bringing that money back in via PS Store revenue shares, digital subscriptions, and players not playing used or borrowed games. I’d expect the price difference between the two to be significant enough that it will make people seriously consider which one they want to buy. Even the disc-based diehards may be convinced to go all-digital. Given that all disc-based games install to the hard drive anyway, it’s not going to make much of a difference at all in terms of game file sizes or saving room on the SSD.

That’s all for now from Sony, but with PS5 games and info officially out in the wild, it feels like we’ve truly stepped into the road to next-gen.