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Sony: PS5 Design Has ‘Surprising’ Features, a ‘Great Deal of Effort’ Went Into Reducing Fan Noise

A number of Sony executives have spoken out about the PlayStation 5’s “bold, daring” design following this week’s reveal, teasing some surprises and reassuring players that it won’t sound like a jet engine.

PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience, Eric Lempel, said that the PS5 comes with “a lot of nice, surprising features” and hinted that pictures don’t do its design justice. This comment is particularly noteworthy since the internet has been scrambling to figure out the size of the console. If fan-made comparisons are to be believed, the PS5 looks like it’ll be towering over the Xbox One X as well as its predecessors. However, Sony has declined to share dimensions at this time so we’ll have to wait to see how much space the console will occupy.

When asked about the digital and disc-based iterations of the PS5, Lempel clarified that both units are essentially the same with the exception of a missing disc drive in the digital version. Both Lempel and SIE boss Jim Ryan have said that the digital version became a necessity following the recent shift towards digital purchases.

“We’re just acknowledging here that as time passes our community is becoming more digitally orientated,” said Ryan. “In the first quarter of this year, two thirds of new games purchased were digitally downloaded. People increasingly, as they are with their music and their video, they prefer digital and we want to recognize that.”

Speaking separately to Guardian, Sony’s Simon Rutter assured fans that the company put “a great deal of effort” into ensuring that the PS5 won’t be noisy, confirming previous reports that Sony placed special emphasis on the console’s cooling system.

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