Maneater Update Incoming to Fix a Variety of Progression Issues

Today, developer Tripwire Interactive has a Maneater update scheduled to go live across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox one platforms. The update in question targets a host of changes, quite a few of them related to progression issues. In addition to progression, the new patch will also address problems concerning save games, stability, and menu/UI settings. The update will first roll out on PC and Xbox One; it should land on PS4 not too long thereafter.

There are also platform-specific changes featured in the forth coming update, all outlined in the patch notes below:

All Platforms

  • Save Game
    • Added an error message if a save game has become corrupted and unusable (this message will show up in the main menu which the player will be returned to if the save is unusable. We are continuing to look into how this rare corruption can happen).
  • Optimization and Stability
    • Fixed several stability issues across all platforms
  • Landmark, Collectables, Story Progression & Environment
    • Fixed Queen of the Ocean not triggering due to unintended hidden objectives. Those objectives have been removed from the requirements.
    • Found and fixed another case where the player shark could revert to the Mother shark
    • Fixed a condition where the player objective had been completed but the reward item/evolution had not been granted (Example: shadow teeth evolution)
    • Fixed a condition where some narrator dialog and would not play and subtitles would not display during the tutorial
    • Fixed a condition where the objective icons would disappear from the overhead map
  • Quest, Prey and Bounty Hunters
    • Rebalanced the third Pete encounter to make it more challenging
    • Fixed humans being able to be grabbed from the underside of a boat
  • Player Shark and Combative Wildlife
    • Found and fixed another case where the tiger shark skin could be removed and unevovled from the player shark. It should now remember the evolved state.
    • Found and fixed another case where the player shark could be hitting the water surface when fast traveling resulting in being stuck in the knifing position in the grotto
    • Fixed a camera “pop” that could occur when fighting boats from the knifing position or in the air
  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • Updated Credits
    • Fixed a case where damage numbers would show up where the human was before they were grabbed
    • Fixed a case where editing the sound or gameplay settings and then quitting the game would have those changes discarded
    • Fixed a Portuguese localization issue


  • Landmark and Collectables
    • Fixed a case where player completion was stuck at sub 100% story progress after getting to the “After Party”


  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • Fixed Ansel screenshot mode not being usable after a fast travel
    • Fixed HUD elements not disappearing when using Ansel


  • Menu/UI/Settings
    • The game will now pause if the player hits the HOME button

Tripwire Interctive’s Maneater hit the PS4, PC, and Xbox One in May. The action-RPG (or ShaRkPG) released to middling critical reception. However, there are those who seem exceptionally pleased and impressed by the final product. Our review awarded the title an 8.5 out of 10, praising both the premise of playing a shark and some of the finer details. Open-world mechanics and quests are notably lacking, though.

[Source: Tripwire Interactive Forums]