Call of Duty: Warzone Getting 200 Player Lobbies, Juggernaut Royale in New Season Four Reloaded Update

Call of Duty: Warzone was already one of the largest multiplayer arenas on the market, letting 150 players drop into Verdansk and battle it out to be the final team standing. This week, Infinity Ward is increasing that cap to 200. For a limited time, Battle Royale Quads will be 50 squads of four, adding even more player density to the map. Finding a clean spot to drop will be tough, and those final circles will have more players than ever before. The Warzone 200 players lobbies aren’t all that’s coming with the big midseason update tomorrow though.

New contracts called Supply Run will be scattered across Warzone matches, which sends players to nearby Buy Stations to get discounts on gear. Activision recommends looking for a vehicle to make these runs, as it seems hoofing it using just your legs will be a tough time.

Juggernaut Royale, first teased back when Season Four launched, will drop three Juggernaut care packages on the map, complete with powerful minigun. Anytime a Juggernaut is taken down and sent to the Gulag (or eliminated), a new care package will drop shortly to replace it.

And finally, there’s a new piece of gear called the Spotter Scope which can be found around the map. You can finally stop using your sniper scope to scan for distant targets. There’s no glint on the Spotter Scope, so you can safely peek without giving away your position.

The new update, titled Season Four Reloaded, will be about 22-36 GB for Modern Warfare owners, according to Activision. The publisher says that once it is downloaded and installed however, it should only “minimally increase the overall digital footprint” of the Modern Warfare file size. If you only play the free-to-play Warzone, the update will be 22-30 GB and will actually reduce the overall file size of the game file once installed.

Call of duty warzone 200 player lobbies season 4 reloaded

Season Four Reloaded will also add a bunch of new bundles to the Store, the new Rytec AMR sniper that can be earned by completing challenges in-game, and a new Modern Warfare multiplayer map (Cheshire Park) and mode (Team Defender). You can also bet there are plenty of unannounced changes and hidden secrets that players will get to discover as the ever-evolving world of Verdansk continues to change.

Call of Duty Warzone Season Four Reloaded goes live tomorrow, June 30.

[Source: Activision]