Free ps Plus 10th anniversary ps4 theme

Free PS Plus 10th Anniversary PS4 Theme Available to Celebrate 10 Years of of the Service

PlayStation Plus launched 10 years ago in June of 2010. It’s changed a lot over the last decade, including offering consistent free games every month and being required for online play on the PS4. To celebrate 10 years of Plus, Sony is giving away a free PS Plus 10th anniversary PS4 theme to all players. Hope you like bright colors, because this one is very, very yellow.

Take a look at the theme in the video below:

The free PS Plus 10th Anniversary PS4 theme is a static theme with a yellow background featuring simple drawings of notable objects and characters from a few games that have been on the service over the last 10 years. We can spot Destiny 2 (Ghost, Cayde-6), Bloodborne (weapon, hunter), Ratchet and Clank (wrench), BioShock (Big Daddy, Little Sister), The Last of Us (Clicker, Ellie’s backpack), Shadow of the Colossus (Colossus), and quite a few others. What objects from which games can you identify in the background?

The dashboard icons are the basic PS4 icons, but in PS Plus’ complementary blue color. The upper corner sports a “10th anniversary” logo. Notably, there is no ambient backing music at all with this theme and the sound effects are the basic PS4 dashboard sound effects, so despite a pretty cool (as long as you like yellow) and stylish wallpaper design, this is a rather featureless and bare-bones theme that amounts to a custom wallpaper and little else.

Still, you can pick up the theme for yourself on the PlayStation Store. After all, it’s free:

With a glut of great themes coming out recently, it’s hard to justify keeping this one around (and a rather disappointing way to celebrate an entire decade of PlayStation’s most prominent service). There are a number of free The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII Remake themes, as well as great themes that come with specific editions of games like Iron Man VR and Ghost of Tsushima.

So happy 10th anniversary PlayStation Plus. Thanks for all the free games and this entirely mediocre theme.