ghost of tsushima theme

Download a Beautiful Ghost of Tsushima Dynamic Theme for Free

If you’re looking for a brand-new PlayStation 4 theme, look no further. Sucker Punch and Sony are currently offering a free dynamic theme for Ghost of Tsushima, complete with stunning imagery. Thankfully, the dynamic theme is available to download across multiple territories. All fans need to do is enter in a code on their respective territory’s PS Store. The codes, linked in the following tweet, have an unlimited use. However, there is an expiration date of January 31, 2020 attached.

The following Twitter post from the Ghost of Tsushima account features codes six different territories.

Recently, Sucker Punch finally unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming samurai-centric action title. Unveiled during this year’s The Game Awards, the latest look at Ghost of Tsushima runs over four minutes long. Notably, a bit more of the narrative and gameplay were revealed. However, arguably most interesting are the trailer’s final few moments, which display the game’s summer 2020 release window. Hopefully, it won’t be long before even more concrete details emerge.

While the recent trailer seems to cover a lot of ground, the footage, according to Sucker Punch, does not begin to scratch the surface. Apparently, Ghost of Tsushima will serve as the studio’s biggest game yet “by a wide margin.” At present, we can only guess at what this may entail for the overall experience.

[Source: Sucker Punch Productions on Twitter]