Hyper Scape Is Ubisoft’s Urban Futuristic Take on Battle Royale That Takes Verticality ‘to the Next Level’

Ubisoft has lifted the curtains to show off Hyper Scape, its urban futuristic take on 100-player battle royale that promises to take verticality “to the next level.”

Set in the virtual city of Neo Arcadia, the free-to-play first-person shooter has players fighting through seven districts where they’ll engage in fast-paced and close-quarters combat. The virtual setting allows players to double jump between streets to rooftops, and use powerful hacks alongside unique weapons to their advantage.

Check out an overview trailer below.

“Learn to avoid the Blight that progressively dissolves Neo Arcadia’s districts in varied patterns throughout each match,” wrote Ubisoft. “Maximize the Effects Cards played by the AI Game Master during the match, changing the game on the fly for all contenders. If you are skilled enough to make it to the final remaining players, you will enter the Showdown where you can choose your path to victory: will you eliminate all opposition or choose a more tactical approach and go for the Crown?”

Ubisoft has said that Hyper Scape will be an “ever-evolving” experience that comes with map changes and a “steady flow” of customization options.

Hyper Scape is heading to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The developer has yet to reveal if a next-gen release is planned or not. A technical test is already underway on PC, with an open beta planned for July 12th. A release date and beta test for consoles have yet to be announced. We’ll keep our readers posted.

What do you think of Hyper Scape so far?