Play as Marie Antoinette’s Robot Bodyguard During the French Revolution in Steelrising on PS5

As previously promised, GreedFall developer Spiders unveiled its new project during today’s Nacon Connect stream. Yes, the studio is hard at work on another action-RPG. This time, the team will take players to an alternate history version of the French Revolution in Paris with Steelrising. As if the name isn’t cool enough, Steelrising stars Aegis, a female automaton who serves as a bodyguard to Marie Antoinette.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

According to Jehanne Rousseau, Spiders Co-Founder and President, the Queen tasks Aegis with finding her creator to stop massacres that King Louis XVI’s robot army is carrying out. Steelrising will feature a Louis XVI gone mad, attempting to stifle the rise of the French Revolution in its early days by letting loose “out-of-control” robots.

This version of Paris will feature well-known landmarks, while other popular monuments no longer exist. For instance, Spiders recreated the Grand Châtelet and the Tour du Temple.

In terms of gameplay, Rousseau said Steelrising will offer more action-focused gameplay compared to previous Spiders titles. Verticality is also being taken into consideration. Thus, players won’t only explore Parisian streets on a ground level. When moving from fight to fight, players will make use of other movement options. Climbing balconies to unlock new paths to secret locations serves as one example.

Because she’s a robot, Aegis will come equipped with several weapons integrated into her form. While exploring, players will find items to make her more powerful, better at mobility, and exceptionally durable. Players can anticipate over seven types of weapon families, with more that can be found while progressing through the story. Each family of weapons boasts its own unique qualities. Plus, weapons vary from those on Aegis’ arms for light combat to alchemical rifles for long-range attacks to heavier weapons.

Rousseau also teased sidequests in Steelrising. Apparently, Spiders is putting a lot of effort into crafting side missions that further enrich the world. Better still, unique gear and items will tie into such quests.

Steelrising is currently in development for next-gen consoles and PC. Release date details remain under wraps.