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Surviving the Aftermath Dev Iceflake Studios Acquired by Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive was already on board to publish Iceflake Studios’ survival-centric project, Surviving the Aftermath. Now the two companies are more involved than ever, with Paradox Interactive acquiring the Tampere, Finland-based developer. Paradox closed the deal for an undisclosed sum, but all involved seem thrilled with the outcome.

Iceflake’s Co-Founder and Studio Manager, Lasse Liljedahl, said the “like-minded approach” to development that’s shared between the two companies has proven essential. This especially holds true given the collaborative effort in producing Surviving the Aftermath. According to Liljedahl, Paradox suggested Iceflake join the family first.

Paradox’s COO, Charlotta Nilsson, seems to corroborate as much in a statement of her own. The collaboration between the two companies made Iceflake’s inclusion a “natural fit.” She adds, “Turning this relationship into a long-term partnership is an easy decision, and we’re eager to share more great games with our audience in the years to come.”

This acquisition makes Iceflake Studios the ninth member of the Paradox family, which spans six countries. Iceflake’s founding dates back to 2007. It has since developed several projects for consoles, PC, and mobile devices, such as Premium Pool Arena and Race Arcade. The team’s current work-in-progress, Surviving the Aftermath, is in production for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. It’s presently available in early access on the PC and Xbox One.

Surviving the Aftermath takes place after a world-shattering event leaves society in ruins. Players must work to construct a new colony in an effort to revitalize civilization. The procedurally generated world will allow players to make use of 50 unique buildings, exploitable resources, and more, all spread across six different biomes.

[Source: Paradox Interactive via Gamasutra]