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Sucker Punch on Ghost of Tsushima Reviews: Criticism Will Make Us Better

Sucker Punch’s action adventure Ghost of Tsushima has finally settled for a respectable 83/100 metascore after 94 critic reviews, which is quite a feat for a new IP. It’s only the developer’s second game on the PlayStation 4, and one that it developed after a lengthy period of focusing on its inFamous franchise.

Considering this, Sucker Punch seems satisfied with the game’s reception and has said that it’s open to criticism because the feedback from critics and players will only help the studio to do “better” in the future. Speaking to Games Radar, creative and art director Jason Connell said that the team was also enjoying reading positive feedback.

I mean, for me, I look at what people are saying about the game and what people are enjoying about the game – I see there’s a couple of threads on Twitter that are just like, here’s all my photos from photo mode…

For a new IP that’s developed the way we develop games, and also during a pandemic and all of these other things, I’m really proud of what people seem like they are loving about the game because those are the things that I love about the game. So it feels personal and it feels gratifying, and I’m sure our team feels the same way too. I know our team was really rejoiced with it. 

There are criticisms about our game. I love criticism, it’s just gonna make us better, you know? We’re gonna look at it, tear it apart, and digest it – we’ve been talking about it. I think it’s a healthy part of it. We put it out there and the world can judge it. But we are proudly owning it; we think Ghost of Tsushima is the best game we’ve ever made.

Here at PlayStation LifeStyle, many of us are enjoying Ghost of Tsushima and we certainly can’t get enough of that photo mode!

What do our readers think of the game so far?

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