Ghost of Tsushima Devs Steered Away from the Supernatural to Keep the Game ‘Grounded in Reality’

With Ghost of Tsushima‘s Mythic Tales, Sucker Punch had the opportunity to add supernatural elements to the game but the developer has revealed that it actively avoided venturing into the supernatural to keep the game “grounded in reality.”

Speaking to ComicBook, game director Nate Fox explained that although Mythic Tales touch upon supernatural entities, these are tales that people in the game believe are true, much like some folklore in real life.

We absolutely did not want to make the game supernatural. We wanted to keep it grounded in reality. So while the game is grounded in reality, the people who live on Tsushima Island have their beliefs. Some of them are based on what they think of as real at the time, which are supernatural entities. So the stories that you encounter inside of those Mythic Tales, people telling those tales believe them to be true. 

We wanted to create a feeling of authenticity, and there are certainly some spiritual elements that push reality a little bit, like the wind will guide you where you want to go or a yellow bird might guide you to a thing. The Mythic quests are about the lore – the story that the people on this island tell each other. This place has been around for a while. And so legends have built up around the warriors or the events that have happened, or the invasion that occurred.

Fox added that the quests are meant to help players develop an understanding of the island’s history.

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[Source: ComicBook]