The Fast-Paced Rogue Company is Now Available in Early Access

Players can now get their hands on the fast-paced third-person shooter, Rogue Company. Those interested in giving the style-infused online title a try need only to invest in a Founder’s Pack, of which there are three in total.

The cheapest pack is the Starter Founder’s Pack for $14.99, providing players with Early Access, two playable Rogues (Chaac and Phantom), Rare Founder Spray, Dance Emote, Weapon Wrap, and Ronin Outfit. A $30 Standard Founder’s Pack counts as the middle option. It offers the Starter content, the Chaac Outfit, and more playable characters: Lancer, Vy, Scorch, Talon, Gl1ch, and Dahlia. Finally, the Ultimate Founder’s Pack costs $59.99 for all of the aforementioned content, plus an extra Spray, another Dance Emote, 1500 Rogue Bucks, and Lancer Outfit.

Rogue Company takes the shape of a 4v4 objective-based experience that melds the style of a fashion show with the chaos of a battlefield. Since the game centers on objectives, players must coordinate with teammates as often as possible to ensure everyone can adapt to challenges put forth by the opposing squad.

The Rogues themselves are an eclectic bunch, each special in their own right and recruited to “save the day, look good, and get paid.” There are those who employ a more thoughtful approach when entering a new missions. Meanwhile, other Rogues like taking advantage of run and gun tactics. Players will thus find themselves wanting to balance out each team before diving in.

A Rogue’s uniqueness doesn’t begin and end with character type, either. Every one of them is equipped with their own artillery, which players can modify and upgrade between matches. Of course, there are standard primary and secondary weapons. Gadgets offer high-tech advantages, too, for both defensive and offensive styles of play. Then there are passive bonuses known as Perks, as well as Abilities. The latter may come in the form of shield walls, explosive daggers, or barbed wire traps, all of which can make the difference between a win or a loss.

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