life is strange partners in time comic

The Story of the First Life is Strange Continues This Fall in Partners in Time Comic; Trailer Revealed

While the acclaimed adventure series Life is Strange has continued to truck along with new stories, we all know how hard it is to forget your first time. The story from the original Life Is Strange, along with its characters, are beloved parts of this past gaming generation and one that has continued to resonate into new mediums. The Max and Chloe story from Life is Strange continued in 2018 as a comic book, spinning off of one of the game’s endings (writer’s note: *ahem*, from the non-canon ending) and will keep trucking along this October in its new series called Partners in Time. Published by Titan Comics, the story’s first details have been revealed via a motion graphic trailer found below.

“Time-rewinding photographer Max has spent the last couple of years in a reality parallel to her own. Lately, she realized she was running from her responsibilities… and from the Chloe, she left. Now… there may be a way for her to get home. With the universe against her, it’s time for the coast-to-coast road trip of multiple lifetimes to find it – following the band The High Seas towards an uncertain destiny!” Issue one of Partners in Time releases October 14.

While it is so very strange to see the story of the first game continued, the comics are official canon in some regards according to the press materials. The first Life is Strange continues to be one of my favorite games of the past decade and a moving example of storytelling in the medium, so seeing life continued to be breathed into these characters is both fantastic, yet bittersweet. There is something to be said for a game’s story being final, and there’s justifiable concern that the comic needlessly complicates a story that arguably came fully to its completion. However, the stans have spoken and need more Chloe and Max, so I suppose the rest of us are just along for the ride through time. Hey, it worked out for The Last of Us Part II.

Check out Life is Strange: Partners in Time when it releases at local comic shops and digitally in October.