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Life is Strange Comic Will Follow On From Original Game’s Ending

What’s shaking, shaka brahs? There’s a new Life is Strange comic on the way and you’re probably already asking yourself would it could possibly be covering. Seeing as how we’ve already gone down the prequel route and Life is Strange 2 is going off in a new (and more expensive) direction, that can only mean one thing: We’re getting an original Life is Strange follow-up. Oh, hell yes.

Titan Comics announced the project, which is being written by Doctor Who comic scribe Emma Vieceli with art by Claudia Leonardi, will launch its first issue in November.

Seemingly following on from one of the two endings (we’re entering spoiler territory here, folks), the Life is Strange comic sneak-peek shows Max walking down a street accompanied by Chloe. But check out that puddle. Uh-oh.

It could be asked whether Life is Strange needs a sequel (the Foals-backed ending was a perfect conclusion, personally) but any amount of time spent with Max is more than welcome. Just stay away from blue butterflies and school restrooms this time.