The Alto Collection Will Soon Bring an Award-Winning Mobile Series to Consoles and PC

Alto’s Adventure and its sequel Alto’s Odyssey are procedurally generated endless runners from developer Team Alto. The franchise’s first entry released on Android and iOS devices in 2015; the follow-up arrived a few short years later in 2018. Now even more gamers can get their hands on the award-winning series, courtesy of The Alto Collection. Publisher Snowman will bring the bundle to the PS4, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One on August 13th for $9.99. A Nintendo Switch version is on track to launch at a later date.

The following trailer accompanied the news from Snowman and Team Alto:

The Alto Collection marks the first time the two classic mobile titles have been bundled together. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jetpack Joyride and Journey, the three-man crew at Team Alto crafted Alto’s Adventure as a snowboarding endless runner. Set against gorgeously rendered landscapes, players automatically move through procedurally generated backdrops, performing various tricks while moving–all in an effort to rack up high scores and collect goals and coins. The title features a total of 180 goals, each of which aids in the collection of rewards. Spending coins is how players gain upgrades.

Alto’s Odyssey provides more or less a very similar experience. However, Team Alto added a few new bells and whistles for good measure. Most notably, the sequel features a desert theme that takes players across multiple biomes. New power-ups, and wall-riding mechanics further color the creative endeavor. In the months following its February 2018 release, Alto’s Odyssey won the Apple Design Award for Outstanding Design and Innovation.

It doesn’t appear that there will be any significant changes made to the game for consoles, apart from adapting them to bigger screens and now using controllers instead of touchscreens. The Alto Collection releases August 13th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $9.99. The Switch version will come at a later date, likely for the same price.

[Source: Snowman via Gematsu]