Hood: Outlaws & Legends Reimagines the Robin Hood Legend in a 4v4 Multiplayer Heist Game

For the last 18 months, Sumo Digital’s Sumo Newcastle team has been hard at work on a team-based multiplayer experience. The game in question is Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a reimagining of the classic Robin Hood legend. Hood: Outlaws & Legends will drop players into a PvPvE experience, wherein a team of four must battle another team of four and AI guards to pull off successful heists.

Sumo Newcastle unveiled the 4v4 multiplayer title during Sony’s most recent State of Play stream. Get a taste of what to expect from the project in the world premiere trailer below:

In reimagining the tale of Robin Hood, Sumo Newcastle took a few liberties. As such, don’t expect the typical Dark Ages depiction of Britain. In a PlayStation Blog post, Game Director Andrew Willans explained that this version will showcase “a time when old world myth and superstition compete with man-made power.”

The blog post from Willans also outlines the premise that powers Hood: Outlaws & Legends. It takes place during an era of feudal law, where a “powerful authority” known as The State takes action in an attempt to restore some semblance of order. However, The State’s efforts seem a threat to liberty, leaving many to wonder whether the land’s official authority is any better than the ruthless militia that combats it.

While playing the team-based game, players will be able to “blend combat, stealth, and strategy” to infiltrate State strongholds, find treasure, and escape. While traditional weapons will play a part, so, too, will those imbued with magic and other fantastical elements.

Focus Home Interactive is publishing the project, which comes to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on an unspecified date in 2021.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]