Market Intelligence Firm Expects PlayStation 5 to Outsell Xbox Series X by a Margin of 2-to-1

Market intelligence firm, DFC Intelligence, has said that it expects the PlayStation 5 to outsell the Xbox Series X by a margin of 2-to-1 as it’s become clear that Sony and Microsoft are pursuing vastly different next-gen strategies.

While DFC believes that Microsoft is likely to have a long-term success plan, its analysts think that the company is “just too far behind” Sony, and given what the latter has revealed thus far, the PS5 is likely to be Sony’s third 100-million seller.

DFC’s report also highlights Microsoft’s weak performance in Japan despite its recent efforts, and points out that Xbox struggles in Europe as well. The United States remains Xbox’s major market whereas Sony is a “global powerhouse in video games.”

The report further states:

Sony’s strength in global consumer electronics distribution has been too much for Microsoft to overcome, even after 20 years of concerted effort.

In recent years, Microsoft has slowly been expanding its strategy to go beyond its dedicated console systems.  The company has relaunched a major PC initiative and they have partnering with companies like Samsung to get Xbox games on other devices.  It is telling that the latest news this week from Microsoft was on Samsung and Game Pass, not Xbox Series X.

Meanwhile, Sony has focused on sticking to what it does best, delivering and distributing high-end consumer electronic products and entertainment.  The PlayStation 5 may not be inspiring in the way the Nintendo Switch was, but it is a solid addition to an established and loved product line.

You can read the full report on DFC Intelligence’s website (thanks, Wccftech).