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The Intriguing Unknown 9: Awakening is One Piece of a Much Larger Interconnected Media Ecosystem

One of the first world premieres featured in today’s gamescom: Opening Night Live was Unknown 9: Awakening, a new IP from Reflector Entertainment. The stunning and mystifying trailer lasted but 90 seconds; however, it certainly managed to captivate. Apparently, this game, which launches in 2021, serves as only one piece of a larger ecosystem that includes interconnected media. From novels to comics, and perhaps more yet unknown, there’s a lot to learn about this captivating new IP.

Get your first look at the world of Unknown 9: Awakening in the teaser trailer below:

A third-person, narrative-focused action game, Unknown 9: Awakening stars Haroona–the main character in the trailer above. Haroona lives on the streets of Kolkata, India and often experiences hauntings, made more horrific by visions of her own death. Evidently, this unexplainable power allows her to escape life-threatening situations, as well. While struggling to understand the power, Haroona meets a mentor that teaches her to hone her abilities and enter a strange dimension–The Fold.

This game isn’t the only way to interact with the Unknown 9 world, though. As previously noted, a host of interconnected media, known as Storyworld, will allow audiences to dive even deeper. One example of such media will come in the form of Unknown 9: Genesis, a mystery-thriller novel written by Layton Green. An original podcast, Unknown 9: Out of Sight, and a comic book, Unknown 9: Torment, are also in the works.

Those interested in exploring Unknown 9’s Storyworld now can do so by visiting Unknown9.com. The website is currently home to Unknown 9: Chapters–a community-driven experience. For a limited time, anyone who visits the site can additionally access parts of the comic, novel, and podcast, getting a sneak peak at more of the world and story to come.

Unknown: 9: Awakening comes to PC and next-gen consoles on an unspecified date in 2021.

[Source: Reflector Entertainment]