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The Division 2’s New Endgame PvE Mode to Introduce 100-Floor Skyscraper Challenge

The Division 2‘s all-new PvE mode, “The Summit,” is set to introduce quite the endgame challenge. In the mode, Division agents will find themselves climbing a towering 100-floor skyscraper. Each floor will naturally be replete with enemies from the sequel’s various factions. Players can expect the difficulty to spike as they progress through each story. In addition, boss fights will pop up every 10 floors. Fortunately, Massive Entertainment is also designing every 10th story of the building to act as a checkpoint.

Massive Entertainment unveiled its plans for “The Summit” PvE mode during this week’s State of the Game Stream #169. The studio touted the mode’s replayablity, noting how the experience will change each time a player logs on, thanks to a wide variety of randomized tasks and objectives. Players won’t have to go it alone, either. While playing solo certainly counts as one option, up to four Division agents can team-up at once.

During the stream, Massive Entertainment also confirmed matchmaking. After selecting a difficulty in matchmaking, players will pop onto a floor of the building with their peers. Joining players who are already navigating their way through higher floors is yet another option.

All who own The Division 2’sWarlords of New York” expansion will gain instant access to “The Summit” at no extra cost. What remains a mystery for now is exactly when the new PvE mode will arrive. As of writing, the developer has yet to specify launch date plans.

The Division 2 is available now digitally and at retail for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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