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Free Next-Gen Upgrade Path Confirmed for Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Planet Coaster: Console Edition remains on track for a holiday 2020 release on current and next-gen platforms. Developer Frontier Developments has shared new information, though, specifically with regards to next-gen upgrades. Yes, players who purchase a copy on the PS4/Xbox One will receive free access to a PS5/Xbox Series X|S version.

However, it’s worth noting that digital versus physical purchases are imperative to the upgrade path. As such, those who buy a physical PS4 copy can simply insert the disc into their PS5 to access the upgraded version. All who purchase a digital version of Planet Coaster: Console Edition can download it on PS5 when the time comes.

What’s not possible is buying a boxed version on PS4 and playing the upgrade on a PS5 Digital Edition. Thus, owners of the PS5’s disc-less SKU can only get the free upgrade if they own a digital copy of Planet Coaster: Console Edition. (The same principle applies to the disc-less Xbox Series S.)

In addition to detailing all of the above, the crew at Frontier Developments shared a new developer diary. It begins by teasing the Career Mode, noting that players will first be tasked with completing the main tutorial. According to Programmer Philippa Moore, the tutorials are new to Planet Coaster: Console Edition. They’ll most notably walk players through how to build, run, and maintain their park. It all sounds incredibly detailed, too. Players can expect to learn the physics behind building coasters, as well as how values such as excitement, fear, and nausea factor into their creation.

Check out the full dev diary in the video linked below:

Planet Coaster: Console Edition comes to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this holiday season.

[Source: Frontier Developments]