Xbox Series X Has Hardware Advantage But Hardware Is ‘Only Part of the Equation,’ Says David Cage

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage has said that although the Xbox Series X has a hardware advantage overall, hardware is “only part of the equation.”

Speaking to Wccftech, Cage pointed out that Sony has “some of the best studios in the world” and it’s capable of delivering some of the best-looking games because PlayStation‘s architecture and software are “usually very consistent and efficient.” Cage is of the view that it comes down to exclusives in the end. However, Microsoft’s Game Pass is also lucrative for consumers.

In the final analysis, what will spell the success of one console over the other (more than the hardware) are the exclusive titles. Having worked with Sony for 12 years, I know they have some of the best studios in the world, from Naughty Dog to Santa Monica Studios or Guerilla, just to name a few, and they have very strong exclusive franchises, as well as a strong legacy from the past cycles. They will be very hard to challenge, although Microsoft did a lot recently to put more studios at the heart of the battle. They also seem to have a very aggressive commercial strategy with their Game Pass, which may make their platform more attractive. Their All Access offer, which bundles the console and games based on a monthly subscription, is also a very smart move. The battle for the supremacy may also be on streaming services in a near future.

Cage concluded that tech specs aren’t the most decisive factors when it comes to predicting a winner.

[Source: Wccftech]