Super Gore Nest Master Level Arrives In DOOM Eternal Update

DOOM Eternal just got more challenging with the addition of new difficulty levels and a new mode tailored the game’s latest Master Level. Today’s Update 4 has introduced the Super Gore Nest Master Level and the brand new Classic Mode, which is going to be harder than anything found in the game’s original campaign.

The new Master Level has been built from scratch to test players in a whole new way. Combat is altered by environmental hazards, new demon encounters, and other conditions that’ll change things up. If that sounds too easy, the new Classic Mode means starting the new map with just a Combat Shotgun. New weapons and mods need to be found throughout Super Gore Nest if you want to complete the mode.

Finishing the Master Level in different difficulties and modes will unlock player icons, nameplates, and other cosmetics. The ultimate prizes are the Gold Combat Shotgun skin and the Classic Green Slayer skin. The newest trailer shows exactly what you’re going to face.

As well as the new Master Level map, there are two additional difficulty levels been added today. The first, Extra-Life mode, gives players a finite number of Extra Lives. Once those run out, it’s game over. Then there’s Ultra Nightmare difficulty, which is instant permadeath when your enemies get the better of you.

Update 4 also fixes a few bugs from both the expansion The Ancient Gods and the main game. It also lays down the groundwork for the game’s upcoming Christmas event, Gift Wrap and Tear. Details on the event will be revealed soon, but there will be plenty of festive-themed cosmetics to collect.

Update 4 is available now, while Gift Wrap and Tear will begin on December 10. At least it should tide gamers over until the PS5 upgrade arrives.

[Source: Slayers Club]