Temtem Gets New Details Ahead of its December 8 PS5 Early Access

Source: PlayStation Blog

Temtem, a creature-collection and battle adventure game from developer Crema, makes its console debut on PlayStation 5 with an early access period that begins on Tuesday December 8, 2020. The PlayStation Blog released an updated gameplay preview detailing combat, co-op, and even creature abilities.

While the Pokemon similarities are obvious, there are some big differences that make Temtem distinct. Firstly, it’s an MMO, giving it a few more layers of playability than its legacy monster battle franchise inspiration. There’s also a 2v2 battle system allowing for enhanced strategy between pairs of Temtem. Instead of ability costs, you’re managing a stamina meter to give players the option to save stamina to release special moves that can easily turn the tide of battle. Friends can join you as you work your way through the world, making co-op battles a very welcome reality.

There are plenty of familiar mechanics too, including capturing, training, breeding, and trading Temtems as you travel the world. The game even starts with a choice between three “starter” Temtems. That sounds like a very familiar way to begin a creature collection adventure.

First announced for PlayStation in the August 6th, 2020 State of Play as a PS5 console exclusive, it has already made waves on PC, being released for Steam on January 21, 2020. Originally planned for release on PS4, plans were scrapped as Crema opted to focus instead on Sony’s next generation console. It sits at “Very Positive” on Steam with even better reviews in recent months as new content has been released. User feedback of the early access build is also very positive on Metacritic. Multiple sites who previewed the early access release without scoring the game have also weighed in mostly positively, citing the depth of combat and refreshing addition of co-op play.

Temtem releases on PlayStation 5 in early access on December 8th, 2020.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]