Temtem, the Pokemon-like Creature Collection MMO, Coming to PS5 in 2021, Current-Gen Versions Canceled

Update: Our sister site Game Revolution confirmed with Crema and Humble Games PR that the current-gen (PS4 and Xbox One) versions of Temtem have been canceled, with release now focused on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Temtem is dropping its support for PS4 and Xbox One, so it won’t be releasing on those platforms. The team is fully focusing their efforts on bringing the best possible game experience to players on the newest hardware.”

Original: If this headline seems familiar, that’s because it is. We wrote a near identical story back in February when the developers of Temtem confirmed a PlayStation release—or at least a console launch—of the creature-colletion MMO coming in spring 2021 alongside the full 1.0 release of the game as it leaves early access. At the time it was unclear what platforms were included in the console launch, but the recent PlayStation State of Play confirmed that Temtem is coming to PS5, along with detailing a number of other features of the long-awaited title. Take a look at the latest footage from the game in the Temtem PS5 annoucnement trailer:

Temtem is designed as an homage to the creature collection genre—yes, there are more creature collection games than just Pokemon—with tweaks and changes the developers have wanted to see, not to mention a robust online community. Community has been the primary focus during development, from the earliest days of its Kickstarter campaign through its early access phase, Temtem has been designed hand in hand with the community.

It’s also being built with a focus on competitive play, with a desire for skilled play to be the determining factor for high-tier battles. “There’s no place for luck,” Crema says. Unlike many other creature collection games, that focus on 1v1 fights, Temtem is centered on 2v2 battles, requiring “strategic thinking” for every move you make. The developer says they focused a lot on making sure the battle system is “fair for everyone,” and that “the only thing between you and winning is pure strategy, training and outplaying your opponents.”

Temtem is a fully online MMO with a story-based campaign that can be joined with friends for an entirely co-op experience, or go it solo if you want. Clubs are like clans or other grouping structures within MMOs and will allow players to “join a Club, fight for control of a Club Dojo or just complete weekly quests for rewards and chances of rare Tems.”

Details on Temtem PS5 are still limited at this time, but Crema promises more in the coming months. Perhaps the biggest question at hand is cross-play functionality with other platforms like PC. It also doesn’t look like a PS4 version is in the works (see update above). The ending stinger of the trailer only includes a PS5 logo so current-gen players who want the creature collection MMO may be out of luck.

Temtem is set to launch it’s full 1.0 version in spring 2021. The game is currently in early access on PC.

[Source: PS Blog]

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