Pokemon-like Creature Collection MMO Temtem Coming to PlayStation in Spring 2021

Temtem is an online creature-collection game that many have described as the Pokemon MMO they’ve always wanted. Launched in early access last month on PC, the Temtem console version will launch alongside the game’s 1.0 release in spring 2021. Developer Crema confirmed the target window in a recent update on Temtem’s roadmap.

In the short term, the early access PC version is getting a bunch of additions and updates throughout the rest of the year. Spring, summer, and fall will see new islands and Temtem (the creatures) added, including the game’s first “mythical Temtem.” During this time, planned feature additions include things like a quest diary, player housing, and achievements. “Achievements will be supported directly in-game, and we will also support achievements for every system we release on (as long as they have an achievements/trophies feature of course).”

Looking further out to winter 2020, they plan to add yet another new island, even more Temtem to collect, and the game’s second mythical Temtem. They’ll also be updating the ranked matchmaking at this time as they learn and iterate from its initial release in the coming months.

Temtem PlayStation Release Date

Following that, spring 2021 is the targeted Temtem console release date, launching when the game comes out of early access on the PC. The console versions were confirmed back in 2018 when the game’s Kickstarter met the stretch goals. It’s expected that the console ports will have complete parity with the PC versions, launching with every current addition and update that is live as of the 1.0 full release. Crema is aiming to have full cross-play with all versions of Temtem, and maintaining that version parity would be an important factor. In 2018, it looked like PlayStation might sit this one out, but recent relaxation to cross-play restrictions by Sony have opened the door to cross-play on all versions.

Cross-save and cross-progression, however, is a different story. While it’s a goal for the team, there are some technical hurdles to overcome before it can happen. They are “confident” about it, but admit there are some things to figure out.

Cross-save is more technically challenging. Apart from having the same legal and restrictions hoops, there’s also a technical issue that needs to be sorted and solved which is a way of joining all your different accounts into the same one. Temtem doesn’t have a custom login system, it just uses the platforms’ login system in a transparent way (you don’t really have a Temtem account right now, just some data associated with a Steam/Discord account), so we’ll need to find a way to join them together so you can access the same data in all your platforms. We’re pretty confident about it but we still need to figure out some more things and talk with the different platform holders to get their OK.

The full 1.0 release of Temtem will also bring a new endgame island, daily/weekly quests, and a new cosmetics store and seasonal battle pass for players to complete. The developers reassured players that Temtem will never be pay-to-win or pay-to-skip. All purchasable items are purely cosmetic in nature.

Temtem console release date temtem playstation release date

Right now, specific consoles haven’t been announced, though the mention of “trophies” in regards to achievements makes PlayStation almost a sure thing. With a spring 2021 target date, it’s unknown if Temtem will get a separate native PS5 release, or release on PS4 with backwards compatibility enabling it to be played on PS5. In fact, that question also depends on how Sony plans to handle cross-gen releases which is something the company has yet to discuss for its next-gen console. (Note that Microsoft has already said Xbox will support “Smart Delivery,” meaning you buy one version and get access to the best version dependent on where you play.)

As a note, the developer does indicate that the projected roadmap is merely a series of goals and is subject to change. After all, spring 2021 is more than a year out and any number of things could delay the Temtem console release (or any of the other points of interest on the roadmap).

[Source: Crema]

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