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Temtem Developer Crema Wants Players’ Help Creating the Trophies and Achievements, Here Are Our Ideas

With Temtem currently in early access, the game doesn’t yet have a Trophy list for the PS5 version of the game. But developer Crema is getting ready to implement Trophies (and Achievements, for PC players), and they want your help in making sure the Temtem Trophy list is a good one. In a post on the Temtem forums, Game Director Guillermo Andrades asked players for some additional ideas as the team approaches “the moment of closing and implementing the Achievements/Trophies in Tetmem.”

Hey tamers,

Similar to the Trading House feedback thread, we’re getting close to the moment of closing and implementing the achievements/trophies in Tetmem.

We already have some ideas we’ve been gathering from the team and from casual conversations on our Discord. But I wanted to make a last call of action in case anyone else wants to participate and give out their ideas.

If you feel brave enough you can throw ideas for specific achievements, including its name (“Feeling Lucky: Drop a WishYouWell Coin in each well.”), but you can also give general ideas without going into that much detail if you prefer to.

As avid Trophy hunters ourselves and a history in coverage of PlayStation Trophies, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle have a few ideas—or at least guidelines—that we think Crema should consider.

Temtem Trophy List Suggestions

Encourage Discovery

A good Trophy list should encourage discovery of every aspect that the game has to offer. Use your Trophy list as a sort of gateway into different features in your game, as well as different ways to play that people may not consider. Crema could use the Temtem Trophy list to coax players off the beaten path. Encourage players to use the breeding center to create and hatch eggs. Help players realize they can replay the Dojos. Encourage them to earn rewards from the “Free Tems” system. Let your Trophy list act as a kind of guidebook through your game and everything it has to offer and ways to play.

Avoid Frustrating Grinds and Luck-based Trophies

Conversely, however, do not make it overly grindy, frustrating, or worst of all: luck based. For example, having a Trophy that requires players to catch even one Luma Temtem or a perfect Koish isn’t a good idea when the chance of a Luma even showing up in a random encounter is currently only 1 in 10,000 (there are ways to mitigate this slightly, but it still requires a significant amount of luck). Unless you are prepared to offer paths or methods to severely reduce the luck aspect of these kinds of Trophies, having Trophies entirely based on the goodwill of the universe is far more frustrating than fun (and will serve to highlight the random luck-based nature of the task involved).

Realistically Challenge Players

That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some difficult or long term challenges for players though. Have a full team of max level Temtem, complete the Tempedia, breed a Temtem with perfect stats; these are all achievable and require investment in the game and its systems, but are perfectly attainable without a whole lot of luck involved. They also don’t feel overly grindy just for the sake of the grind, which will burn out your players. If you ask players to invest their time, make it mean something.

Be Careful With Multiplayer Trophies

If your Trophies are going to involve other players, they should be relatively simple, like “Complete 30 ranked matches.” Asking players to perform super specific actions once again relies on an element of luck, or worse, Trophy boosting, which defeats the point of the system in the first place. Know that players will always opt for the path of least resistance, so if you make trophies overly grindy, luck based, or difficult, it will only encourage players to find ways to exploit your game in order to earn those achievements.

Include a Platinum

And finally, if you really want to engage the PlayStation player base, and potentially gain some new players just on your Trophy list alone? Make sure you include a Platinum Trophy. Trophy lists without Platinums just make the game they are attached to feel somehow “smaller,” like they don’t deserve this crowning achievement one can get in a PlayStation game. The pursuit of some of the more difficult Trophies can feel so much more rewarding if they are all helping to earn that elusive Platinum.

It’s amazing how a bad Trophy list can turn good games sour, so taking the time to curate a meaningful and challenging yet attainable suite of Trophies can really set your game apart. Don’t just cater to the hardcore crowd who are all going to be there playing regardless of the Trophy list. Use the list as onboarding, as a roadmap, and as a nudge to perhaps play the game in different ways than players are used to. Encourage realistic engagement, not burnout and frustration.

Do you have any suggestions for the Temtem Trophy list? You can drop your ideas on the Temtem forums. And be sure to let us know what you think makes a good Trophy list in the comments below.