First Major Temtem PS5 Update Brings Cipanku and Digital Temtem

The next major update for Temtem is almost here, and it will be the first big content update since the Temtem PS5 early access launch in December. The new update, which goes live tomorrow, April 13th, will introduce players to the region of Cipanku as the story continues where it last left off. The new island centers around Digital and Electric types, and is the first area to actually house Digital Temtem. It will also add Mythical Temtem to capture, along with Lairs to reach those rare and powerful creatures. And last but certainly not last, a new fast-travel system is being implemented that allows players to more easily navigate the Archipelago.

While players may have seen a few Digital Temtem in their journey so far, this will be the first time they’ve been more widely available to capture and train. Digital Temtem are human created by Nanto laboratories, and the new region will undoubtedly feature more lore around these mysterious and powerful creatures. Digital Tems have a unique set of traits and techniques, which should help change up your usual squad. Digital Tems exhibit strength against Mental, Melee, and Digital types, resistant to Toxic, and are weak to Water, Electric, and Digital.

Mythical Temtem are a significant new feature that gives Temtem a kind of endgame raid-like pursuit. Between three and five players will team up to enter Lairs, with each player going on their own randomly generated path to reach the Mythical Tem. Resources are shared among players, which means that smartly managing those resources is how teams will reach and get the chance to capture a Mythical Tem. Players will also need to put together a Temtem team and inventory during the Lair, which Crema says is to “prove your skills as a tamer,” by not leaning on your existing squad of Temtem. There’s no word on how many or what Mythical Temtem are coming with this update.

After a short side quest in the city of Neoedo, players will also unlock the ability to fast travel to and from specific teleportation points around the Archipelago. These teleports will cost a fee, however, teleporting to Narwhal airports is free.

Crema recommends players have a squad of Tems that is at least level 50 to proceed into Cipanku, though if you aren’t quite at that level, there’s still plenty to do across the rest of the Archipelago that can increase your level and train your Tems. Specifically, to help overcome the Electric and Digital Temtem you’ll face, they recommend “Mudrid and Grumper…and a Nessla with Electric Synthesize,” so if you need to update your team, best to start now.

The Cipanku update is not the full 1.0 release of Temtem, which is still considered in early access at this time. The developers have updated their roadmaps to avoid committing to firm timelines as many features and goals have changed and shifted since the initial release of Temtem on PC a year ago. They recently sourced some help from the community in crafting Trophies and Achievements for the final release, of which we offered some suggestions.

The Temtem Cipanku update is available tomorrow, April 12th. Crema should offer a more extensive set of path notes once the update is live.