Temtem Goes into Early Access Today on PS5

It’s that time to take your taming talents to the PlayStation 5. Multiplayer creature collector adventure Temtem has released today for early access on the PS5. Along with the announcement, Humble Games released a new trailer to commemorate the occasion.

For those interested in gaining early access to this MMO creature-collection title, you can purchase either the Standard Edition for $39.99 or the Deluxe Edition for $59.99. However, those who pre-order today can get the SE for $37.49 and the DE for $57.49. Content included today with the launch of Temtem Early Access is:

  • Four islands which includes 30 hours of story content (with much more to do on the side!)
  • 100 unique Temtem
  • Cross-play with PC and online co-op
  • Player housing and player customization
  • Ranked matchmaking
  • Weekly challenges
  • Ultra-rare Luma Temtem

The following content will be added to Temtem as Early Access continues, leading up to the full 1.0 release next year:

  • Two more additional islands
  • 61+ additional Temtem, reaching 161+ total Temtem
  • Auction/Trading House
  • Club Wars (our take on clan PVP)
  • Nuzlocke – A hardcore game mode
  • Mythical Temtem
  • In-game tournaments

And yes, all progress made in the early access release will carry over to the 1.0 version when it launches, so feel free to catch and level your temtem to your heart’s content.

Clearly inspired by creature-collector Pokemon, Temtem takes the entire genre online to enjoy with other players while addressing many of the other criticisms that people have had with the Nintendo exclusive.

Temtem includes a journey that spans across six islands where players try and become the best Temtem tamer, all while battling it out with the evil Clan Belsoto. It is a fully online MMO with strong character customization. Look for our early impressions of the game in the coming weeks, with a scored review being held for the full 1.0 release, and let us know if you plan to pick this up in early access or wait for the full release, which is slated for early 2021.