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Free Deadly Dockyard Map Arrives for Worms Rumble Next Week, Limited Time Game Modes Available Now

As part of a free content update next week, Worms Rumble will be getting a new arena called Deadly Dockyard. Before that, a new update for this week brings along a series of limited-time game modes known as The Lab.

Deadly Dockyard is set in a working shipyard unlike any others. Not only are shipping containers stacked in such a way to create the perfect arena, there are plenty of crates to bust open, cranes swinging heavy loads around, and even a dry dock with boats that can launch when least expected. As such, the arena alters in ways that aren’t entirely of the worms’ creation.

As seen in the trailer, there will also be new premium content. Both the Sea Captain and the Shark outfit come in three color variants. The Armageddon Weapon Skin Pack draws inspiration from Worms 2: Armageddon with skins influenced by the Cheese, Forest, and Manhattan terrains. Meanwhile, the Emote Pack will include Goodbye, Selfie, Make It Rain, and Kick Ups, some of which were in the trailer. The good news is there will be a range of free Christmas cosmetics to add to your collection, including a Reindeer outfit, an Elf outfit, weapon skins and hats.

The Lab is available right now as part of today’s update. The mode includes a range of limited-time “experimental” matches that will reward players with exclusive cosmetic items for taking part. The current mode is Pistols at Dawn on the Transforming Towers map. Each worm gets a hand cannon that can insta-kill an opponent. The catch is there’s only one shot in that cannon, so you’d better make it count! Those who take part will earn themselves a Gold Worm Skin. The event is only available for 48 hours from 10am ET today, December 10, until 10am ET on December 12.

Worms Rumble is available right now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PlayStation Plus members can download the game for free as part of December’s Instant Game Collection.