Capcom Releases New Resident Evil Village Screenshots, Hopes to Make ‘the Most Pulse-Pounding’ RE Game

Capcom has released three new Resident Evil Village screenshots, and has offered a brief development update.

First things first, check out the screenshots (which were exclusively sent to IGN) below. Click or open in new window to enlarge.

As far as the development update is concerned, producer Peter Fabiano told IGN that the new generation of hardware is allowing developers to take immersion to a new level, and they hope to create “the most pulse-pounding” Resident Evil game to date. The full statement is as follows:

We’re really excited for fans to experience Resident Evil Village when it comes out in 2021. We feel it’s an accumulation of all the best elements of Resident Evil games from the past 25 years, with everything fans love about action-infused survival horror plus new surprises. Of course, there are plenty of puzzles to solve and mysteries to unfold. We hope fans will enjoy exploring the desolate, snowy village in which Resident Evil Village takes place, where enemies new to the franchise are waiting for them. Players will once again take control of Ethan Winters, experiencing more of the story set in motion in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. New technologies are allowing us to immerse players in the game in ways we couldn’t achieve before, in what we hope will be the most pulse-pounding Resident Evil game to date.

Resident Evil Village is in development for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. In case you missed our recent coverage, the game’s spoiler-filled details and plot were leaked online by ransomware attackers so be careful.

[Source: IGN]