Cyberpunk 2077

GameStop Now Giving Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds Even if Game is Opened

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has been a complete fiasco and many players have been left trying to claim refunds for their game. According to Vice Games reporter Patrick Klepek, those who purchased their copy at GameStop should now be able to return it for a refund even if the game has been opened.

As per policy, GameStop initially completely refused refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 and redirected players to publisher CD Projekt RED. Now, the memo sent out to employees shows the retailer making a special exception for the game. They’re now allowing players to get a refund beyond the normal period. Their usual refund policy only allows players to return new game releases within 48 hours of purchase after the product has been opened. Players have seven days to return unopened items for a refund. After that, players can get an exchange for a new copy of the game within 30 days; that’s not of much use when it’s not the disc that’s at fault. Anything older than 30 days would have been refused.

While some retailers like Best Buy have been offering refunds since CD Projekt Red’s announcement, GameStop wasn’t the only retailer who had been refusing to refund unsatisfied players. As such, the developer had offered to refund players out of their own pocket. Those who couldn’t get a refund were able to e-mail helpmerefund@cdprojektred.  The catch with this was the deadline for refunds was yesterday, December 21. Those who are choosing to wait for a patch and may still be unsatisfied will likely lose their chance for a refund.

Those who purchased their game digitally have generally had better luck. Despite agreements not existing with Sony or Microsoft at the time of CD Projekt RED’s refund announcement, both are now siding with gamers. S0ny is offering full refunds and has even removed the game from the PlayStation Store to prevent further purchases. While the game is still available on the Xbox storefront, Microsoft is also making exceptions to allow players to get a refund for their game.

[Source: Patrick Klepek]