30th Anniversary of PlayStation PS5 console

Unofficial PlayStation 2 Themed PS5 Console Goes on Sale Next Month

Sony hasn’t announced any plans to release a PlayStation 5 console with anything other than white faceplates, so it has been up to third party companies to add a spot of variety. As reported by Gaming Bible, the latest of those efforts are Reddit users whattheefth and SUP3R5 who have created a “30th Anniversary of PlayStation” Edition console themed around the PlayStation 2. (Editor’s Note: We’re not sure where the “30th anniversary” bit comes from. The original PS1 was released 26 years ago, and the PS2 was released 20 years ago.)

The white faceplate will be replaced by a black faceplate instead. Where the PlayStation 5 logo can usually be found, those will be replaced with a PlayStation 2-themed logo. In the bottom corner will be a reflective blue 30th anniversary sticker. As for the DualSense controller, the touchpad and casing will be black. The controller logo will also have a traditional PlayStation 2 theme, while the face buttons take on the familiar PlayStation coloring. Finally, the d-pad, Create and Options buttons will be plain black.

The console was originally dreamed up by whattheefth, who made a mockup render image on Reddit. The design proved so popular that SUP3R5 will be selling the consoles. He said: “We feel obligated to do this based on the unexpectedly positive response from everyone”. It would suit those who don’t like the standard white appearance of the PS5 console, or haven’t got thousands of dollars to spend on either the Golden Rock or Truly Exquisite gold consoles. Unfortunately there’s a very limited number of them. Only 500 controllers will be made, while there will be 304 consoles made available.

By modifying existing components of the console rather than manufacturing his own parts, SUP3R5 is hoping to avoid legal trouble. Hopefully he fares better than Dbrand, who are making their own faceplates despite legal challenges from Sony. All being well, pre-orders will begin on January 5. The console won’t even break the bank either. The console will cost $649 (presumably that’s both the disc console and the discless console) and a DualSense controller will cost $99.

[Source: Reddit via Gaming Bible]