Golden Rock PS5 Console

Caviar Aims to Beat the Scalpers By Making the Most Expensive PS5 Ever Out of 18 Carat Gold, Crocodile Leather

With scalpers pushing the price of PlayStation 5 consoles to $5000, Russian company Caviar aims to make that figure seem like small change with their latest upgrade. The company is aiming to decorate a PS5 console and two DualSense controllers with 20kg of 18 carat gold.

The “Golden Rock” limited edition PS5 will be “very difficult to manufacture”. This is mainly because it’s clad in eight plates of 18 carat gold, weighing a total of 20kg. The 3D design aims to replicate the outlines of a rock face, especially the geometry of gold ore. According to Caviar, the casing is made using the “original jewelry technique, which adds volume and texture to the model”.

Those not looking forward to DualSense controllers that weigh an absolute ton will be pleased to know the gold is limited to the touch pads there, although it has the same rough texture that would likely make it difficult to use. The rest of the controller is wrapped in premium black crocodile leather.

Caviar is producing a single Golden Rock console. If you want to earn this one-of-a-kind console, you’ll need a fair amount of spare cash. The price of the console hasn’t been confirmed; however, the cost price of the gold alone would place the console at around $900,000. This would make it the most expensive console on the market.

This makes the previously revealed Truly Exquisite gold console pale into insignificance. Although their PlayStation 5 console is clad in 24 carat gold, as the amount of gold used isn’t as heavy, the cost of their disc console is just £8,099 (~$10,900). An 18 carat rose gold disc console is marginally more expensive at £8,199 (~$11,030) but you could still get more than 80 Truly Exquisite consoles for the price of the single Golden Rock console.

Caviar is a company that specialises in decorating existing objects with luxurious materials. The PS5 console is one of four products the company will be customising as part of the Fantastic Four. The others are Apple’s Airpods Max, a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Nike Air Jordan sneakers. The cheapest of these is the sneakers at $15,380, which are also more expensive than the Truly Exquisite console, I hasten to add.

[Source: Caviar via WCCFTech]