Design Your Own Custom Colored DualSense Controller Through ColorWare

One of the main criticisms levied at the PS5 at launch has been about its black and white color scheme, and fans wanting more options for both the console itself and the DualSense controller. ColorWare is now offering a full custom design suite for the DualSense controller, allowing you to customize the colors on four facets of the controller, as well as custom text on the trackpad.

Get a Custom DualSense Controller Through ColorWare

Check out the customization options on ColorWare’s site.

ColorWare will let you choose from a variety of colors independently on the body (the white part of the DualSense), middle (the black portion), buttons, and trackpad. The body, middle, and trackpad can have solid or metallic colors in matte or gloss, while the buttons only have the satin finish options available. You can also get text engraved on the touchpad. ColorWare uses the OEM Sony DualSense controller and customizes it to your specific design with painted shells and components, so you aren’t buying a third-party controller. You are getting the original OEM DualSense, painted to your design.

Colorware custom color DualSense controller black

If you want a custom DualSense controller, however, be prepared to pay up. Pricing starts at $109 and includes the controller and customizations to the body and middle portions. Customizing the buttons and trackpad adds $10 each, while the text engraving runs $20. You’ll also need to pay shipping and tax, which can send the cost of this controller to $150+ pretty quickly. Shipping can take between five and six weeks to get to you.

Note that because ColorWare needs to take apart the controller to paint and customize it, the process will void the manufacturer warranty from Sony. ColorWare, however, has their own parts and labor warranty for one year. The warranty covers all costs of regular hardware failure within that period.

While ColorWare focuses on custom DualSense controllers, other third-parties are trying their hand at options for custom PS5 consoles. One company tried to market custom faceplates for the console, but was quickly met with legal pressure from Sony. Dbrand also started advertising custom PS5 faceplates for sale and has dared Sony to sue them. Others are taking a different route, customizing and selling full special edition consoles. One set of PS2-themed PS5 consoles goes on sale this week, while another $900K PS5 is being layered with solid gold and crocodile leather, if you’ve got the cash to spare.

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